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Useful links for help with Math

Paul Lamar's Resources


     Partial Derivation


     Total Derivation




     Partial Derivatives


QRC Schedule

Useful links for help with Economics


     Simon Board's notes, UCLA

Example Theory Projects

How to allocate Points in the CC bidding system (2016 Block 6: Raffy Howe, Will Swift, Shin Olsan, Theo Hooker)

Should you buy your books in the bookstore or online? (2016B8: Katherine Kerr, Hanna Ewell, Beini Yu)

          Interactive Mathematica animation here

Student: Study now and Party later? Professor: Hard exam or Easy exam? (2017 Block 8: Jacob Miller, Payton Katich, and Chase Brown)

Stay, Leave, or Cheat? (2017 Block 8: Stefan Jandreau-Smith, Kelly Nguyen, and Henry Rigsbee)


Useful links for the Theory Project

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

NBER Working Papers

Job Market Candidate papers (e.g. Indiana's candidates this year, Duke'sMaryland's, etc.)

Marginal Revolution

Chris Blattman

The Incidental Economist

The World Bank's Development Impact blog




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