From my Intro Econ syllabus:

"I have found that students who do not become comfortable with the necessary mathematical skills early in the block find it difficult to focus on the economics and ultimately succeed in this course and future economics courses. Further, many students are not honest with themselves about their level of mathematical skill until after they receive their first exam score. To avoid this delay in recognition, you are required to pass a math quiz with a score of 90% or better, earning 5% towards your final grade. You will take the first version of this quiz in class on Day 1. I will post your score on Canvas that afternoon and you may pick up your graded quiz then. If you do not pass, you are required to retake the quiz the following day before class. Students will continue to take this quiz every weekday morning (except exam days) until they receive a score of 90% or better. Some students find this Mastery Objective Math Quiz onerous or annoying at first, but several have thanked me later when they received a stronger score on the first exam than they would have if they hadn’t been encouraged to invest in their math skills early.

You have many resources available to help you succeed in this task. I am available for office hours, and your lab assistants are available many afternoons also. The Quantitative Resource Center has free tutors available to help you with math and economic content. Private tutors are available also. The materials on Launchpad may also be helpful. If you find resources online that are particularly helpful, please email me and I will share them with your colleagues."


This set of quizzes is from Block 8 2015-16. I've updated my quizzes for 2016-17 to include a graphing component.


You can find review materials from the Colorado College Math Department and Quantitative Resource Center here. Khan Academy and other online videos are also great tools!


More than 100 students have now taken my Math Quizzes, and while some needed several attempts, ALL BUT one passed. You CAN too.