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                Appendix B: Efficiency 

                Appendix C: Results Disaggregated by Gender

                Appendix D: Consistency of Play Across Stakes

                Appendix E: Ethnography

  • Bachewe, F., Berhane, G., Hirvonen, K., Hoddinott, J., Hoel, J., Tadesse, F., Taffesse, A.S., Woldehanna, T., Worku, I., Yimer, F., Yohannes, Y., Abay, K., Yigezu, B. Beyene, H., Abebe, Y., & Meshesha, N. (2014) Feed the Future (FtF) of Ethiopia–Baseline report 2013.

Work in Progress

  • Gilligan, Dan, Jessica B. Hoel, Travis Lybbert, and Naureen Karachiwalla. ``Preferences, beliefs, and technology adoption.''

  • Hidrobo, Melissa, Jessica B. Hoel, and Katie Wilson. ``Conditional cooperation in monogamous and polygynous households.''

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